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Hey y'all I'm new to the org and just wanted to see if anyone can help with a turbo issue I'm having. Just got back from a 800 mile trip to Tennessee with no troubles out of my 2017 F250 with the 6.7 .Its deleted ,and tuned for the last 2 years with 93K miles .
Just last week I noticed a lil more black smoke during hard accelerations then started hearing a turbo flutter at times (mostly shifting from 1-2-3) I looked at the turbo vane position on the ezlink and at idle the vanes are at 54% and with any acceleration they go down to 0%. The vanes wont come off of 0% until the truck gets under 1300rpms .
I've changed out the VGT, MAP and EBP sensors with no help, also checked the intercooler tube and all is good there .
Could this be a tune issue ?
Any insight would be much appreciated .
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