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Anyone have the wiring diagram for 2013 up rear view camera tailgate wiring harness?

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Maybe in the 2013 super duty section...just sayin.
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This is the info I used when I hooked up an aftermarket camera in place of the original. It was from a discussion on one of these forums.
Here is how I hooked it up:
Red power wire of backup camera to violet/grey on harness
Ground power wire on camera to black/white on harness
yellow video wire on camera to white/green on harness
video ground wire on camera to brown/violet on harness
solid black wire on harness is not used.

This camera has the lines like the factory backup camera. Works great and is a nice addition to my truck camper for less than $50.
If anyone has any questions, let me know and I would be happy to help.

Gary, just look for a hardwired camera that is NTSC and you should be good to go. There are some others that ship directly from China that should work.

I also tried the above hookup, but there must be a harness wiring change on the 2013 Super Duty. There is no black/white wire on the harness so I am not sure which is the power ground. Will try to post photo of the camera end of the harness.

I figured out the power wiring for the 2013 F-350 camera. The camera end of the harness has 6 pins.
Pin 1 Violet/Grey +12V
Pin 2 Grey/Violet ????
Pin 3 Brown/Violet Video -
Pin 4 White/Green Video +
Pin 5 Black (not used)
Pin 6 Black -12V (grd)
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