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I have a 2013 Ford 6.7L that keeps wearing out the nipple on the plastic T that comes off the intercooler to the secondary overflow tank. I replaced it about a month ago. Then Last week it was leaking again so I took it apart, yep the nipple was all thin/wore through. I replaced it again and also changed my egr delete to a flow through. A flow through options was no available years ago when I did this egr delete. I thought maybe coolant was getting high pressure and wearing it out becahsue of the coolant capped off instead of looping the hose around. Well now I am in the middle of nowhere, that plastic T wore out again and can't keep enough coolant in it. Anyone of any ideas where its wearing out?

I attached some pictures to show where its wearing thin

2013 6.7
ATS 2029403368 4000 Turbo Kit installed 2 years ago
Egr Delete-Flo Thru- Installed last week-2000 miles ago
220,000 Miles
Head Studded.
Both Waterpumps replaced 20,000 miles ago.


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