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The engine for my 2012 6.7 died. I am installing an almost new 2015 6.7 (22,000 miles). I know there are differences in the two engines.
• Particulate matter sensor and sensor module added at the DPF outlet in order to measure filtration effectiveness. DO I NEED A NEW SENSOR. AND WILL IT REQUIRE AMENDMENT TO THE CPU?
• Fuel pressure and fuel temperature sensors for low pressure fuel system combined into a single sensor, no longer two individual sensors. CAN I USE THE 2012 FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM?
• EGR cooler flow redesigned, now using the high temperature cooling system (same circuit as the engine) instead of the low temperature system (which still provides cooling for the charge-air-cooler, fuel system and transmission cooler). CAN I USE THE 2012 SYSTEM?
• EGR inlet temperature sensor added. DO I NEED TO ADDRESS THIS? IF SO HOW?
• Revised fan clutch design with additional heat sinks in order to more effectively dissipate heat, thereby improving durability. CAN I GET BY WITH THE OLD FAN?
• IROX polymer coated lower main bearings introduced for added durability at greater performance levels.

• Manually activated, more effective exhaust braking system added, works in conjunction with new VGT. HOW CAN I IMPLEMENT THIS ON THE TRUCK?
• Upgraded high pressure fuel pump (injection pump). New pump looks identical, but features a longer stroke. CAN I GET BY WITH THE OLD FUEL PUMP?
• Revised injector design, more efficiency nozzle design for reduced emissions and improved performance. CAN I GET BY WITH THE OLD INJECTORS?

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