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2008 6.4 fully deleted H&S mini max 170000 miles. Replaced fuel rail pressure sensor a few weeks back (truck threw the code for it) and truck has run perfectly until a few days ago. Truck will hold 4.8 and idle sitting still all day. When the truck moves around the fuel pressure will drop and go dead.( only at idle will it go dead after moving. Runs if the rpms are up) New fuel filters. Checked fuel bowl for metal shavings trash ect. No codes thrown besides low injector pressure when the truck dies. I can prime the bango fittings (more air everytime) and get the truck to crank and run fine. As soon as the truck starts driving and moving around it usually dies within a few minutes. Could this still be air in system considering the truck will run fine sitting still. This one truly has me scratching my head. Any info appreciated
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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