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Hi all,
I'm sure similar questions like this pop up all the time and I've skimmed a couple, but it'd be nice to hear up to date advice.
There's a 2006 ford f250 6.0 that I'm looking at to buy, and was wondering what are some things to look at for this mileage and year?
It's got about 77xxx original miles, well maintained (so he says), and was used to pull a medium size RV occasionally throughout the year.
it's been sitting for about a year with a dead battery, due to him using his newer f350.
His asking price is around between 11-12,000, i would try to bring him down to 10 to maybe apply in cost to "bulletproof" and what not.

If it matters, I'd use it as a daily, for family, for light work, and road trip once a year.

Thank you for any advice!

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