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2006 Powerstroke Stumbling, smoking, no power, missing - backfiring..... HELP

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This is a 2006 F350 Crew Cab Automatic. 125k miles. Pretty much stock minus straight pipe off turbo. Several months ago, had no hot start issue develop. Took to shop and they replaced IPR and did turbo seals and most of top side o-rings, dummy plugs, new oil cooler screen (it was blitzed). Thanksgiving day pulled into families after about 70 mile drive. Noticed on my drive truck had shake - vibration and power seemed off a little. As I pulled in heard a strange metal sound like rock in brake. Was intermittent. Sound came from engine compartment maybe. (HPOP?) Shut the truck off. Went to restart 15 minutes later and nothing. Let cool down for couple hours and restarted. This No Hot Start lasted a few days until it started blowing white smoke, lost power, back fired and died. No coolant loss. Would not re-start. Towed home. Checked FICM and replaced as I was showing under 28 volts. Could have been batteries.... still need to load test them. Pulled EGR Valve. Was heavily sooted and valve stuck closed. Cleaned - replaced o-rings. Started and ran for about two weeks with better power than in a long time. Then it started developing a slight miss, stumble and blowing some blue smoke when cold driving. Heavy blue smoke on cold start. Light blue smoke after temps up. Smelled diesel in cab and found the valley was wet. Replaced Fuel Regulator on 2nd fuel housing and upgraded blue spring. Fuel leak stopped. Problem got way worse. Truck starts ok, temps here in WA State been in 20's at night and low 40s in day. Changed oil. 15-40 Delo and Motocraft filter. Take off in truck (cold or hot) and immediately it begins to act like it is firing on one cylinder. Blowing crap load of blue smoke. Stumbles and falls all over itself. Put foot into it bringing tach up to 3000+ turbo shows boost of 15 to 20 lbs +/- Watch the tach go up and down as it just craps all over itself. Engine surges with signs of life and then just stumbles again. Huge power loss! Noticed my fuel mileage is like 5 MPG. Pulled the EBP tube and cleaned it. Put in new sensor. No change. Pulled MAP hose and made sure it wasn't jammed up. No change. Put friends code reader on today. ICP showing 650 ish on crank - warm. During driving jumping around between 2000 and over 3000+. IPR jumping from 30s to maybe 70ish under heavy load while driving. FICM stays at 49 key over, crank and driving. When I installed new FICM I noticed that key over there was no injector buzz. Started moving the harness and would get buzz then nothing. Figured it was the ground wire behind turbo as it felt loose and burnt with heat. Ended up leaving it cause I couldn't reach it and put a battery cable to case of FICM mount and grounded to the body. That seemed to work perfect. Any issue with that ground wire I left on to block? Did an injector contribution test today too. Showed all zeros... except injector 2 and 4 would flash negative -20s for a second then back to zero??

This is my only source of travel. It is slowing killing me! I've scoured the forums and have yet to find this exact issue and fix. Any help would be so appreciated! Cant afford to take it to Ford and there really are no diesel mechanics near me.... I feel stuck! Thanks for any solid input.
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