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My buddy's 06 has a strange high pitch squeak noise coming from what sounds like the rear end. You put the truck at a full stop and ease off the breaks and it's a high pitched noise. The noise also happens when you give it the gas but it's louder and the pitch matches the rpms that the engines turning, sounding like it would be something spinning and causing the noise.. Any help would be appreciated.

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I would say look at all the rotating and moving assemblies at the back end.

-u joints
-rear pinion
-rear bearings
-sticking pad

Hard telling with out hearing it. And because the noise changes with the rpm would leave me to believe its not a susp. Issue.

Have you tried getting out and walking next to it while its rolling. At least find a possible side. Or if its comming out the t-case or trans.

I have not personnaly heard of any 6.0 genetic issues with this.

Is the diff fluid levels good. How much play is in the drive line.
Chalk the wheels. Place in netraul. Turn rear drive shaft clockwise n counter clock wise till it locks out. There should be some play. I would say maybe an eigth of a turn either way.

How much lift is on the truck. To much pinion angle will not allow the pinion bearing to not get proper lubrication causing it to burn out. at no given time should the drive shaft move in any other direction than to rotate. If you can shake it left and right. Either bad u joint or pionion bearing.

Mind my post. Kindle is not very typing friendly.

Hope this might help if you havent found the noise yet. Pm if you have too. May have some other advice.

Good luck
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