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2006, f250 lariat, 6.0 diesel, driving along, engine shuts off, scary, older woman asking WHY

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155,000 miles, after driving around town a couple times now the truck just turns off... when you try to start just like getting no fuel. if i let it sit for a half hour or so and try again will start right up. I am a senior citizen who lives in the boonies and am now afraid to go to town. any idea where to start. the dealership in town ... and i quote, we will charge you $155 to look at it but will take off your bill. say your bill is $800 we will subtract the $155 when truck is fixed... i am sorry ... i think i would like an idea of what might be wrong . i am old but not stupid. i have a code reader .. get P2623 P2623 IPR Injector control pressure regulator circuit Open circuit, short to ground, IPR stuck ... could that be what is wrong and how do i correct if i try myself. thanks. as with all my money is tight on a fixed income in this day of inflation. any help to help me fix it would be appreciated. i am in florida and it is hot hot hot hot hot as well if that may be a contributing factor. THANK you in advance for any help.
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For the record. I am NOT in the senior category here... 🤣

Let me make this easy for you:

1. Click on this link and order the IPR to your home.

2. Click on this link and see if there is a BPD installer close to you.

3. Call the above BDP installer shop or a local diesel repair shop that is familiar with the 6.0 and have them quote you a price to R&R the IPR (tell them you have the OEM part in hand). Ask them if they would do a quick once over while they're in there to make sure there is no exposed, frayed, or damaged wires of the IPR pigtail connector.

4. If you don't like their quote, click this link to learn how to R&R the IPR yourself. It's not too difficult, but there is some stretching, bending, lifting, and twisting involved.

5. If you end up DIY, this is the special socket you eill need for removal of the old part & reinstallation of the new one. You won't need the seal kit that comes with the socket, as all the orings should come with the new OEM IPR.

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That "special socket" is OEM tools 25280 got mine from autozone, less than $10
I was going for convenience. More the "To your door without having to leave your house and risk getting stranded again" thing. 😁

I just pictured you as George Jones driving the lawn mower to the bar 🤣

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