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2006 F-350 Rough Idle, then dies

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Installed a gauge pod this weekend and attempted to start EGR delete, I took a few things off(ie. alternator, intake, cac tube, unplugged vgt sensor but didnt get the turbo off) but I didn't have the time right now, so I only did the EGR valve block-off. When firing the truck up, it didn't crank very long the first time but had an extremely rough idle and died; crank took 4-5 seconds 2nd time and idled for a few seconds then died. Mashing the accelerator does nothing, smelled diesel but the only thing I could find was a small leak around my EGT probe.

Truck has 54,000 miles on it, it has ran perfectly before this. Checked the codes and the only thing it says is "P0405"....cleared it with my tuner but it keeps showing up. Would that make the truck run like this?
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If your sayinh you took the egr out, and just put a block off plate. Yes, you cannot do that, your allowing straight exhaust into your intake. It will not run like that.

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