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Hello all, this is my first time posting in this forum. I've been searching for answers on this POS for about a week but I can't seem to find anyone whose had this same issue. (The guys on reddit recommend I post my problem here)

So let me start by saying I have done a handful of 6.0 head jobs before and feel very confident in my work, but I'm starting to second guess myself. I brought the truck in 2 weeks ago, Cabbed up and and started tearing it down. Noticed quite a few parts have been replaced like the turbo, ficm, oil filter housing, etc. The customer was adamant about providing his own parts. New oil cooler(Mishimoto), run of the mill head gasket set( Mahle black diamonds) and some new belts and pulleys.
No standpipes/ dummy plugs, no injector seals...just the bare minimum for this kit. Also I did have my machine shop resurface the heads.

Fast forward a couple days, I have everything back together and I'm cranking her up for the first time. Now i know these engines take a lot of cranking on first start up but this was excessive. Ended up killing 2 sets of batteries and a starter in the process. Never built over 200 psi on the icp.... I knew there must have been a leak in the hpo system, mainly the standpipes because I didn't replace them. I went to ford and picked up both standpipes/ dummy plugs and 8 injector seal kits. And tore everything back down... Same thing. Never built over 200 psi. Now disclaimer, I did change the oil cooler when the heads were off but I did not touch the hpop. Didn't even pull the cover off. The customer drove it to my shop, so I deemed it fine in my eyes. After killing that second set of batteries cranking on this thing I noticed the ipr started kicking strait to 84 percent as soon as I started cranking. Someone on reddit said I could have kicked some debris into the reservoir when I did the oil cooler and I may have taken out the ipr. Pulled it and sure enough I blew a good size hole in it. Replaced it with a new one and thought all was good. Nope. Now she won't even build over 175 psi. I finally gave in and cheated. While cranking on her I gave her just a spritz of ether and she roared to life. Ran like absolute hell at Idle but sound perfect when you give it gas. I was dumb enough to kill it after a minute of trying to clear it up but she wasn't having it.
I air tested the hpo system and could not get the ipr to close. No matter how much I command it closed l, I just get air pressure in the crankcase. Could I have got a dud ipr? I figured I'd inspect the harness before I swap it out. Sure enough at the ipr connector, just before the conduit, both wires were frayed and rubbing together. I repaired the connector and tried again but nothing. 175 psi. I have 12v at the black/ blue wire to the ipr.

I'm at a complete loss and just about ready to throw in the towel on this pile. This damn truck has literally made me pull my hair out for the past week. If anyone can help me out I will venmo you 100 dollars.

More INFO:
fuel pressure @52 psi
Cranking ICP @ 175
Oil pressure guage on dash does not move while cranking but the oil filter housing fills fast while cranking
New standpipes/ dummy plugs (motorcraft)
Resealed all 8 Injectors (motorcraft)
New turbo 15k miles ago
FICM replaced 30k miles ago
Motorcraft oil filter and fuel filter changed on this job. Used shell Rotella t4
Filled entire engine through oil filter housing

Link to reddit post of truck running:
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