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Hello Everybody,
Just thought I'd pass along some info- that I myself just recently learned(right here as a matter of fact).
There were some 2005 Ford F250/350's made without MAF sensors! In the place where the MAF sensor would go is an AIT or air intake sensor. It is a diffenent shape and size than the MAF. As far as I know a run of trucks made in 2005 are the only ones like this.
Hopefully this info will help some other unsuspecting person (like myself) who buys an after market air intake---gets his stock intake all the way off, only to discover that the new intake has an MAF hole that the IAT sensor won't fit in.
Fortunately the guys at Heavy Metal Performance in Rockdale Il. helped me out, they had an adapter that they had made for a K&N intake that fit perfectly on my Amsoil/Injen intake, and now all is well.
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