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I have a 2005 F350 6.0L with 275k miles on it. I have had a ton of work done to this truck and I'm ready to send it to the scrap yard!
The most recent work was all eight injectors and the FICM were replaced about two months ago. Recently, I stopped at a stop light and at an idle the oil pressure dropped to zero. The light turned and I pulled to the side of the road. As soon as I touched the accelerator, the oil pressure jumped back up.

I checked the oil level and it was down about 3/4 of a quart. I added enough oil to bring it to the full line. The problem seemed to go away. Because I use the truck daily for work, I continued to drive it and had no problems. Today, I again stopped at a light and the same thing happened. I checked the oil level and it was down about 1/2 a quart. I added half a quart and the problem stopped.

I am thinking a problem of some kind with the pickup tube? I am concerned that if it has come loose, that it might fall off and leave me sitting with no oil pressure at all? Can you drop the pan enough to access the pickup tube without removing the engine? I am working away from home and have no place to work on it but a gravel parking lot. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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