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I have decided to sell my clean 2005 Ford F250 Supercrew 6.0 Diesel Lariat 4 x 4. It comes equipped with leather, front captain chairs, fixed running boards, bed liner, powered rear sliding window, rear entertainment system, and towing package “tow command”. I am almost certain there are some things missed, but if you are looking for a clean 250 diesel that will keep you out of the shop; then this is it. I use this truck as my daily driver and mileage will vary at the time of sell. It has spent its life pounding pavement empty hardly ever pulling a trailer or carrying a load in the bed. It has never been chipped, programmed, exhausted, down piped, studded, or anything else you can think of. However, at approximately 110,000 miles it experienced the egr cooler / oil cooler / head gasket issue that was fixed by a Certified Ford Motor Company mechanic. All this resulted from the famous Ford Gold Coolant that was chemically flushed from the system and replaced by a silicate free ELC. Furthermore, steps were taken to shore up the short comings of the 6.0 making it capable for the long haul. I see no reason why 300,000 miles is not attainable with proper maintenance. The listing below was done to make this a reliable truck that Ford should have done in the first place. I love my truck and do not want to sell, but commuting to work 80 miles a day is breaking my wallet. I will even consider trading for a VW Jetta TDI 2011 - 2012 auto trans plus cash. The truck is located 8 miles south of Memphis International Airport

ELC Coolant, Fumoto Oil Drain V/V, 6.4 Banjo Bolt Mod, Blue Fuel Spring, Engine Coolant Filter, EGR Delete, Updated Turbo Supply & Drain Tubes, New Thermostat, HFCM Drain Plug, Rotella T6 Sy

Note: EOT & ECT deltas run approximately 7 degrees on flat level road at 60 mph with FICM voltage holding a steady state at 49 VDC. I will pass along a ScanGauge II with the truck so you can monitor the system vitals.

Thanks for looking,
Erich Taylor
[email protected]

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