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Hey guys new the forum here. just wanting to get some insight about a 6.0 i'm looking at its a 2005 f-250 6.0 its has 128,542 miles on it . it has bigger injectors, head studded, egr delete, 4 inch straight pipe, 4 inch light with xd wheels and 33" all terrain tires.

Its from a dealer they are asking 19,700 for it which is kinda crazy. i'm thinking more the 16000 range. What should i try to get the truck at?

On the car fax it shows it was properly serviced but all the mods have been done "off the chart" should this be a concern?

From what i been told the egr delete is illegal, brought that up to the dealer and he said no way its illegal, they wouldn't be selling it or it wouldn't pass inspection. I know there is ways around the inspection and all that jazz. But this give be any type of leverage?

How long will the truck run?

I know driving short distances is not what this truck is used for but my commute to work its about 7-10 miles a day but the weekends is when i haul 100+ will this be a problem?


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