Testing the waters. The truck has a bad head gasket or gaskets.

In town, it drives around just fine. Does not overheat or lose coolant. However, as soon as I hook my trailer up to it, I notice she runs a little hotter than normal. About 5-10 degrees. She does not overheat. Ran up to Jacksonville and back to pick up a motorcycle and she lost about 1.5 gallons of coolant on the way. The truck does not run rough or miss. Runs just like normal. But under towing, with the boost being a little higher, she runs a little hotter and eats coolant.

Now that I moved to where I am, I do not have the facility in which to repair the truck. And in all honesty, I no longer need a truck of this size. I have other things that are more important to spend my time on. My loss, your gain. If you are a 6.0 fan/expert. This is a great project for a personal vehicle or flip.

History: Bought the truck from my best friend back in 2014. He bought the truck new and is a master certified diesel technician and always kept the truck in tip top shape. The reason I bought it, was because a lifter failed and he was wanting to buy a new 6.7. I rebuilt the engine @ 121,000 miles with all Ford and ARP replacement parts. Main bearings, cam bearings, rings, HPOP, studs, etc. etc.

It is ARP studded and EGR welded
BANKS high ram and intercooler tubes BANKS torque converter
Colt Cams stage II cam
S&B intake
Magnaflow dual exhaust
FASS fuel system
Mag-Hytec deep transmission pan
Aluminum deep rear diff cover
Edge programmer (comes with SCT as well that was never used)
Rear driveshaft has all new u-joints and carrier bearing 2 years old
New front bearings, rotors and pads 1 year old
4.10 gears
4x4 works great
BRAND NEW AC compressor & charge
BRAND NEW 26k hitch

It's a great truck. Cleans up really well. I just don't want to fix it because I don't need it. Drive it home and use the truck as is until you're ready to long-term fix it. Seriously. I would drive it to California right now. I would just bring a couple gallons of water with me and check it every now and then. Thanks for looking.

Contact me directly at 937 three zero nine 84 three two