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2004 F250 6.0 Typical Crank No Start

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Hello everyone! This is yet another thread on a 6.0 crank no start. I've been working on getting my truck to run again but to no avail. I have read through a lot of forums and want to make sure I am not overlooking what could be a simple fix before I pull the HPOP. I bought a Scan Gauge 2 scanning tool and hooked it up to the truck before tearing apart anything. I scanned for FICM Power, IPR, Sync and ICP.

My values with key on engine off were:
FICM: 48.5V
IPR: 14.99
ICP: 9
Sync: 0

While cranking my values were:
FICM: 48.0-49.5V
IPR: 85
ICP: Max 145-150 PSI
Sync: 1

Next, I unplugged the ICP sensor to see if that was the issue but the truck would still not fire up. I then pulled the IPR valve, checked the screen and cleaned it out. The screen was stuck in the HPOP housing when I originally pulled it out but there was no damage to it. I removed the screen, cleaned the IPR valve, put new o rings on it and a new screen and reinstalled. Truck still wouldn't fire and I had the same ICP value. From this point, I ordered a new IPR valve, replaced it and am still at the crank no start. My next culprit would be the HPOP and an air test but living at an apartment complex, it's hard to get the equipment to it for the air test. I removed the turbo to see how things are looking underneath and there is a lot of oil and gunk all around the HPOP cover and I guess what would be the top of the engine. Could this have been where a leak was and what was causing the low ICP? I'm not sure if there are any o rings that can be replaced for the hoses/pipes that connect to the turbo that would cause the low ICP which would mean my HPOP might be just fine.

Has anyone ever seen something like this end up being the reason for the crank no start? I'll post a picture as well to show you all what it is looking like after the turbo removal.
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This is the one you want from CNCFab. I didn't think they were available right now.

Edit - I see where they have the Stage 2 pumps available.
We are having a bear of a time trying to get cores back from customers. We only have so many in the loop, so if we don't get them back, we can't rebuild and restock our shelf.

If anyone following this thread, we are buying cores.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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