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Not sure I'm posting this in the correct place, but here it is:

Never owned a 6.0, have only ever had 7.3s before; looking at what appears to be an excellent-condition 2004 F-350 2-door extended-cab SB 4x4 auto. Has approx 200,000 km (125,000 miles). EGR went, dealer replaced all injectors, did an NADP EGR delete and replaced the oil cooler. Auto-hubs have failed but can be operated manually. Torque-flite 5-spd auto tranny, 3.73 axles, sport edition. New front brakes (dealer). One owner, I can probably get it for $12,000.

So, opinions on whether this could be a good deal?

Never had anything but manual hubs before, unsure of implications of the auto-hub failure?
Planning to tow with it, it has a tranny cooler and wondering of the reliability of the transmission?
I know my 7.3 front ends would usually need rebuilding around 200,000 km, anyone know if the 6.0s are similar?
Fuel economy/range?

Not planning to mod it much if it all, likely only for fuel economy.

Any info or advice would be most appreciated, or maybe point me in the right direction? Thks,

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