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I’ve searched countless forums looking for a possible solution or cause for this. I’ve recently acquired a 2005 F250 lariat that did not run due to a high-pressure oil leak. Once that problem was taken care of I’ve finally noticed that once you start the truck the mileage disappears to all dashes BUT I’m not having any issues with the radio and windows becoming inop. All of the gauges are reading perfect without dropping out and there are no signs of burnt solder Anywhere on the dash cluster. The truck runs fine but I guess I’m not familiar enough with the 6.0 using forscan showing only a few modules compared to the 6.7s.
I have tried a perform a reset to the PCM and no change. Mileage is stored in the cluster but once the truck is running or key on, the mileage turns to dashes.
I’ve checked all connections with new batteries and call ground to chassis cables. Everything is tight. One code for U0155 lost comm with instrument cluster is what has me concerned with a possible bad PCM? I’ve never had one fail before much less show this ONE symptom.

Anyone had this issue before???

My guess is that the instrument cluster has failed. Can you communicate with it via Forscan?
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