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Good morning all,
I am starting the teardown of my recently purchased non running 2003. I finally have the motor out and in my garage. I am about to remove the first head, but am up against the high pressure oill feed pipe. The braided line is off, head is loose, but will not slip over the riser. It takes an 18mm socket, but does not seem to want to turn. I did not force it however, as I dont want to shear off anything. Does it spin out? Is it pressed into the block and I just have to keep wiggling while holding my tongue the correct way? Any insight would be appreciated.

Also, while washing valve train components, I noticed there is some wear on the plate steel rockers where they would rub the mounting block. Is that typical, or syptomatic of it being run low on oil in the past? I have not pulled the oil pan yet, I am taking the heads off before I put it on the engine stand.

Thanks in advance.

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