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2003 f350 6.0l 190/30 injectors

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im sure its been asked time and time again but what are the minimum upgrades to run 190/30 injectors. my 6.0l has been studded, its bored .040 over, has colt stage 2 cam( same as stock but billet steel), my trans is new but stock, stock turbo.
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Regulated return is a must, I think you'd want a bigger turbo but not sure on that one. Stock fuel wont flow enough for those though. I'm getting ready for a 190/30 upgrade myself, and am going to do a stage 2 turbo, regulated return. Mine is factory cam, studded, stock bores, and will be running the stock trans till I blow it up.
Kc stg2 would be good minimum. I ran similar setup on old truck. Get some ficm tuning done to truly get full results of upgrade. Good fuel supply system is mandatory, I built my own (former ford fuel system engineer) using a aeromotive A1000, filter housings etc. A big fass would suffice plenty well, regulated return would be a plus but blue spring on stock housing minimum.
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