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2003 6.0 powerstroke no start, did alot of checks, replaced ICP sensor,still stumped

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My Name is Ray, and I would first like to start off by saying thank you for any input in advance. Ill start off with the things that I have done to the truck, and then the symptoms I am currently having. I started off by pulling the truck into my shop to do some upgrades to it. I decided to do an EGR delete, and update the problematic oil cooler. Also from time to time the truck acted as though the veins were sticking the in turbo so I decided to do a good cleaning in there too. So a couple days of working and a few bloody knuckles later I got the truck all put back together. Changed the oil, and all the filters truck started and ran great! I got even better fuel mileage, and a bit more power and throttle response. However after 3 days of driving it, I come home, eat some lunch go to leave and no start. The truck cranks, but doesn't even attempt to fire. No such codes other than from the EGR delete which are normal to have. After a lot of hair pulling and troubleshooting, I came to the conclusion that it was the ICP sensor. I thought this because on my scan tool it was telling me that i was only getting about 170 psi during cranking. And when I looked at it it was physically broken and was covered in oil. So I replaced that, went to start the truck and same thing. Hooked the scan tool back up and now I'm getting 400+ psi. Now i know your supposed to have 500+ to fire. However this is what else i found. I thought it might be the CKP sensor, so on my scan tool I compared the Desired engine RPM to the Actual engine RPM. From what I have learned if you are getting a reading on the Desired RPM, and no reading on the Actual RPM, the sensor is bad and won't tell the injectors when to fire. But I got the Opposite. I get the Actual engine RPM reading during cranking but no Desired. Could this have something to do with my problem? I have not yet checked the FICM, I was planing that next first chance I get. But any other advice or ideas would be great to hear. Thanks again in advance.
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