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2002 Ford F250 FX4 off road 7.3 Noise coming from turbo or engine

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I UPGRADED my HPOP hoses and added the cross hose because I had a leak, replaced O-Ring and worm clamp on turbo, went for test drive engine stopped and wouldn't start, got towed with a rope back to the house, had to top off the power steering fluid because I lost fluid while getting towed, found out the the fuel pump relay went out, bypass fuel pump relay, Now I hear this very annoying noise coming from the engine only when driving whenever the the TURBO spool to 5.5 psi and above, gradually gets louder.
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Clarify... Whats this annoying noise???
Trying to upload the recorded noise
most folks create a youtube account and upload the video if it helps. The reason I ask if a buzzing electric noise vs a mechanical grinding sound, vs a mechanical squeal etc they all mean different things. Also what hoses for the hpop lines did you get? The cncfab llc brand with steel braided lines or the soft rubbery type hoses off ebay? The soft rubber type hoses will leak sooner than later so im hoping you just spent the $137 for the cncfab llc kit. They are the only true aftermarket kit that works and is affordable. Also some kits tell you to remove the little metal plate and ball fitting and some dont etc so wanting to get as much info as we can to help more.

If the turbo is making a whine noise it could be the clamp is not seated correctly leading to higher egts, lower boost and sometimes a whooshing air rush sound.
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Just gonna give you the cold hard truth those will fail in short order.... This is the kit you will be buying soon. CNC Fabrication Early 99-03 7.3L Replacement HPOP lines - 7.3-SD-HPOP-LK

Again don't want to bash your hard work but those EXACT ebay lines will fail you sooner than later. They just can't take the intense cycles from the hpop. But once the noise is clarified we can address the hose issue etc
I mean you POSSIBLY COULD re use the fittings but why risk it? I know money doesn't grow on trees but CNC Fab LLC makes a buy once and do it once right the first time quality product. But I know other factors come into play. Regarding the sound, man thats a new one lol.... I would also suggest more power steering related since you stated the tow rope home made it leak? The 7.3l has a married system with the brakes and power steering too.
Glad you got it fixed and thanks for resolving the thread. Now others will be able to find it.
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