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I’m selling my automatic Ford F-250 Lariat which has the legendary 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel. I am a trim carpenter and I used this truck to pull my 14 foot enclosed trailer, not to run on the drag strip. On average I used it to pull the trailer twice a month. The truck runs very strong and I have no problems in using it to pull my trailer, or to just use it as my daily driver. I will list some of the info/features below…

ALL Pictures: Pictures by dustmaker40 - Photobucket

Engine/Performance: The truck has 160,000 miles on it. As I said before, it runs very well. From the previous owner I have an EDGE Performance programmer. If I’m not mistaken, that brings the numbers up to about 350hp and 550 torque on the highest level. Has a towing setting, performance setting, and custom adjustments available. Another feature is the SP Performance Engine Shutdown timer. ( That was great for letting the truck run after pulling a trailer or for if you want to let it run, but not risk leaving the keys inside. I also had a mechanic install an Amsoil Dual Bypass filtration kit on 8/07/2012 to increase oil and engine life.

Transmission: Shifts well and was serviced once a year at a local transmission specialist. I paid for the full service – every time.

Interior: The interior is awesome. From the time that I got the truck to right now I had seat covers for both front seats, so it hasn’t aged. Also, I RARELY had anyone sit in the back, so the leather looks untouched in the back. The one flaw with the interior is that there is a small tear on the center arm rest along the stitching and a hole in the dash (covered up) that the other owner had cut to install the previously mentioned programmer. We moved it and covered the hole… The radio is an aftermarket install from the previous owner also. It’s a Kenwood with remote control and both IPod & Aux connection. Has an amp under the back seat with a 10 inch sub. Helps deliver smooth sound, not window shattering bass you hear going down the other side of the highway.

Body/bed: Some rust as shown on the pics. Also, some of the scratches on the side of the truck I have touched up with the touch up paint. A majority of them are just affecting the clear coat… The bed has a 5th wheel plug, which was never used by me. I will be selling the truck with or without the topper and slide out tray. Still have the original bed liner that came with the truck if you wanted that. The windshield should be replaced – I will do so if I have time, and if I don’t, then I will deduct it from the price ($200.00)

Some work done on the truck:

- 2 Interstate Batteries
- Glow plug relay

At 147,000 miles
- 4 shocks
- stabilizer bar/links/bushings
- front & rear calipers/pads/rotors
- serviced rear axle
- replaced tie rod off pitman arm
- replaced rear leaf springs
- replaced timing sensor

8/07/12 – Amsoil Bypass System

The price is $17,000 for the truck
If you do not want the topper and sliding tray, I am only asking $16,250

Sebastian – (515)314-7063 or at [email protected]

Thanks for looking.
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