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2002 f350 hpop questions/issue

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Hi all, long story short when cruising down the interstate, if I press the accelerator more than 50% my IPC pressure goes down, I've seen it as low as 1300 psi and the check engine light will come on. If I let up on the accelerator the icp pressure comes back up to almost 1:1 with rpm.

Is this a sign of a weak hpop or is it something else? I don't mind putting a new hpop but if that's not the issue then I'd rather not.

Truck is all stock 2002 f350 cab and chassis single cab dually.

I have an edge cts3 just for monitoring, has no tunes.
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You are seeing 3000+ psi of pressure, so I doubt it's a leak. More than likely it's a worn out pump, or lpop is worn out and can't supply the needed volume/pressure.

We do pumps, but unfortunately we are 3-4 weeks behind.

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Yes, I can see 3000+ psi, but only if I back off the accelerator at high load/rpm, I'm assuming it's the pump, for the price of a pump it's worth it to replace plus it'll handle future upgrades.
That's because when you let off the throttle, the injectors are no longer needing more oil (less injector pulse width), engine is still spinning higher rpm and making the hpop still spin the same speed and the IPR valve has not quite yet reacted to drop the pressure.

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