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I'll try to make this a comprehensive as possible without writing a novel. - Bear with a noob please.

2002 F250 - 4x4 auto CCSB.
Bought almost a month ago with ~250k miles.
Pulled about as strong to other 7.3 - maybe a bit more sluggish in higher RPMs.
Bought torque pro - saw boost (map & the ford specific PID) around 13-15psi(only saw 15psi once) and EBPS reads around 35-40psi. Several forum posts said that boost maybe normal. I knew the truck had leaky up-pipes so I figured that maybe part of the problem.

I bought some goodies and went to working on truck. Last weekend I did the following.
Front wheel bearing assemblies, Full Force up-pipes (dorman style AFAIK), 4" diamond eye with muffler, php hydra chip / EGT in driver manifold.

After chip I took it for a spin and while it seems to feel much better SOTP, boost is only 12psi. EGT's scream to 1250 after about 3-5 seconds - which may be normal, I never chipped my old 7.3.
Boost still hovers around 13-15psi (even on 120hp setting and red line moved to IC bolt). Drive pressure can max out around 53-55psi WOT. HPOP pressure spike to 3.2k and typically hold around 2.8k on 80hp eco and down to 2.2k on 120hp race. I figure that is standard for an old truck.

What I have done.
Tested for boost leaks - none that I could hear or see with soap.
Bought cheapie HF boost gauge to eliminate bad map sensor reading.
EBPS reads 15psi KOEO.
checked for potato in exhaust.

Do I take off downpipe and check EBPV? it looks like it is in the correct open position from looking at pics online. HOWEVER, the truck has not once kicked on high idle or have I heard the EBP valve close when cold (~32* startup in morning - waited ~2mins).

Occasionally when I drive the truck cold- it seems to not be able to build boost or get out of its own way until oil temps come up.

What did I screw up?

PS- I'm working on torque logs - will try to upload once I figure that out.
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