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I did a bunch of reading before I bought this truck, and the seller said it really just needed a new battery as far as he could tell.

When I bought it, I drove a considerable distance with no problems, other than it seeming to be a little sluggish with acceleration.

I have not seen any leaks anywhere, and all of the visible reservoirs appear to be nominal. No odd exhaust (really clean/invisible, in fact). No weird sounds, and running engine has a pretty even sounding cadence.

I initially changed all of the shocks because the old ones appeared to be original and were severely corroded/rusted. There is some surface rust elsewhere as this truck was apparently used in agricultural setting.

I replaced the battery and it was starting fine for a few weeks, but it would intermittently crank with no start, and would sometimes die within a few minutes after starting. I also charged the a/c with 134a, and it is blowing cold.

SO... earlier today, I changed the oil, and installed a Fram Tough-Guard filter and precisely 15 quarts of oil (dipstick shows right level). I also changed the air filters, and disassembled and reassembled the air-cleaner to turbo hoses. While the hoses were disassembled, I took off the relays (AIH/GPR) and reinstalled an aftermarket GPR (crappy foreign-made one). No start. Several times. I reinstalled the original GPR. No start. Several times.

Even tried to jump it from my running Explorer. Still no start. (When I say no start, I mean that it will crank, but not turn over).

I am scheduled to take this truck into the dealership tomorrow for the recall issues (CPS), but I can't drive it there right now. Any suggestions? Did I mess something up with the crappy GRP? Why wouldn't it start after reinstalling the original?

Another observation -- I had my batteries tested just now, and they are around 60%. I have ordered a new Alternator because this one looks original and is likely not charging the batteries. Still, I figured if I jumped it, it would start.

I am located outside of Philadelphia, in South Jersey. Would appreciate any advice about getting it started, or any recommendations for someone who could take an actual look at it.

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