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Get ready for a long one that hopefully can get solved soon. I’ve been having “low power” on my truck for a hot minute, over 3 years now. Just one day started the truck up and it wasn’t driving like it was the day before. Since then I’ve been chasing stuff down to try and fix it( even got AE). Anywho just recently had the truck die on me while I was driving about 45 mph cruising. Changed the cps on the side of the road and it was all good, no change in power, then about a week later same exact thing died again, tried my new spare cps but no start, got it towed back home, figured IPR, changed it and It started no problem (it was still the original), didn’t trust that it was either of those 2 alone so I went and got a new main engine harness (just where it leads up to the big 48 pin connector on driver valve cover) the odd thing is even after changing the harness all the parameters are exactly the same. Didn’t like that it was identical, so I went and did a KOER test, this is where it gets interesting. During the test the engine revs up to about 1800ish and starts spewing black soot, it’s done this before during other KOER but at absolute random. Also at random, black smoke under HARD acceleration, sometimes it will, most of the time it doesn’t. I’m kind of lost on where to trouble shoot next. The best way I can describe is if the injectors are out of timing, putting the right fuel in, just at the wrong time. some specs and things I’ve changed , along with current error codes.

254k miles
2900 ICP psi @ 3000 rpm warm
35% IPR duty cycle 3000rpm warm
7.03-7.41% duty cycle IDLE warm
460-490 ICP pressure IDLE warm
660-680 IDLE warm
54 PSI fuel pressure wot
Injector buzz test good
Cylinder contribution test good

I’ve changed:
Up Pipes
Main engine harness

Error codes:hybrid electronic cluster

B2658 wait to start indicator circuit open
B1201 fuel Gauge open circuit
U1027 invalid or missing data for engine rpm (recently popped up within last 4 months)
U1262 SCP data link fault
B1352 ignition key in circuit fault

Enhanced power train
This is a big red flag as the code always comes back, can’t clear it.
P0603 internal control module keep alive memory (KAM)
P0460 fuel level sensor a circuit.

Thanks for reading half my life story, any and all help is appreciated, hopefully one of the electrical gurus will chime in.

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Some extra tid bits in case they’re needed

Truck hits 15 psi boost @ WOT
only hits 7-8 psi at 2000-2100

And also according to Auto enginuety my barometeric sensor (the one that’s in the PCM on 2002 trucks) is reading 143 psi, I’ve heard this might just be a glitch in AE but wondering if anyone can confirm. As well AE’s net engine torque says I’m making 104 Newton meters @WOT, which is 80ft lbs, not gonna lie it feels like sometimes, I almost lost a 5- 60 mph race against 1991 idi.
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