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So ive uploaded a blue print ive come up with for a two tank system with onboard filtration. Ive had to work through some hoops to come up with a system that works for my needs, and i wanted to see if another set of eyes could spot something I may have missed/messed up/ forgotten, etc.

i have the clean oil tank with a coolant heated uptake on slightly above the bottom of the barrel to (hopefully) allow the fuel (and not any potentially remaining water) to gravity feed through a tube in hose toward the pump/temperature gauge.

I did this because most setups ive seen have the temp gauge after the pump, which didnt seem to make much sense to me as you would want to make sure the oil was close to proper temperature before going through the pump, if not for the engine, but even the pumps sake, no?

from the temp gauge it goes through an 3 way switch from the diesel tank to the pump. this allows me to leave the stock pump under the seat, right where I figure it is easiest to change should something go ary. It also saves me the cost (i think) of having to buy to buy a large battery bank to run all three pumps while driving.

after the pump, the oil goes through another hose in hose and then a 3 way switch allowing me to choose a heated filter for veg, or the stock filter for diesel. I did this as ive heard running diesel through a veg filter can sometimes cause gunk to get dragged out with it.

then through a check valve, into a manifold where the PSI is read, and then the engine. on the other side of the heads are a regulated return valve and a bypass switch to allow for purging.

the filtration unit is Sunwizards centrifuge system, but the oil is heated by a coil wrapped around the muffler opposed to using electric heaters.

I also was thinking of having a temp gauge on the coolant as well as a switch to allow me to bypass the veg coolant system should a leak develop.

what yall think? sorry its such a rough drawing, ive been editing it quite a bit. Any advice on how feasable it is to power this setup, let alone a 3 pump system (all pumps needing to be able to produce atleast 80psi) would be also helpful. As another factor for having the one fuel pump is i only plan to power this set up with my alternator at first, perhaps move onto some solar down the road.


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