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2000 F350 Seems to Eat Starters

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I'm on my third start now, duralast golds have a life time warranty so thankfully I'm not out any money but it's still annoying. The first starter I replaced was old, might have even been the original but I can't be sure, I just replaced that one in March, and now in June I've replaced the one from march. I noticed replacing the first one that there was a little bit of oil coming out of the bottom of the bell housing, and now it's even coming from where the starter sits on the bell housing. Could this cause a starter to go out premature? Do duralast starters just suck? When I turn the key it just clicks. Thankfully I haven't been stranded yet but I'd like to get to the bottom of this before I do end up stranded. It also rained heavily both previous times these starters went out? Does rain water typically damage a starter like these?
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The batteries are brand new as well
Recommend disconnecting the battery and get a good look at the wiring, tracing it back looking for obvious things like burnt insulation or swelling on anything you can see like bad crimps.

I had a thicker gauge wiring go bad on a car that did phantom alternator problems and wiring to either to the alternator or starter was bubbled on the outside. Replaced that section of damaged cable and worked fine. Something like bad wiring on the thicker gauge wires might also do the clicking you're describing.

Checking ground would be good.
Coupla things... ;)

No, the Oil wouldn't contribute to killing starters unless there was a Lot of it maybe (seeping oil, usually from the valley above, is not uncommon and totally "fixable")

Yes, DuraLast starters are, pretty much, cheap crap (as are ALL DuraLast rebuilds, they're a cheap as they can make them to be profitable)

"Turning the Key" and only getting a Click is very often all about the Starter Solenoid mounted on the pass side inner fenderwell. Did you replace that yet? A bad connection in that solenoid, just as in a bad ground or cable, can limit the current going to the starter, might even contribute to its early demise...
Poor battery ground connections, corroded wires (on the inside of the insulation), will also cause short starter life.

Inspect those things, and if they look good, then this is a starter that we sell a lot of. It's pricey, but we rarely ever see a warranty claim, and I've had one on my truck for about 7-8yrs.

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my experience with Duralast gold build quality ,I bought a DG alternator and had to swap internals to a marine case

they just replace the previously failed part and the rest of the crap goes back in , they are providing the warranty so
I guess that's how they justify not doing a full rebuild

that being said I have used those parts many times and the starters and alternators were usually only good for a few years whereas OEM had made it much longer
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