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I have a new to me 2000 F250 4 x 4 super cab LB 7.3 with a wobble on the left rear hub and causes vibration at 55 to 58 miles an hour than tapers off as I approach 60 mph. (there is intermittent vibration around 25/30 but not as noticeable)

A fair amount of work has been done to the truck and I will leave that out for time efficiency purposes unless you feel that my following statement does not contain enough information related to my problem or the previous completed work somehow contributed to the problem.

In short the left rear hub oscillates up and down.

In order to rule things out I put the truck up on jack stands (again) with wheels and tires on - engine on the vibration presents the same way as noted above. With wheels and tires off there is no change. With the axle pulled out of the tube and on the floor you can still see the rise and fall of the hub when spinning it by hand it actually left a witness mark on the hub due to it making contact with the parking brake spring above it and it is clearly visible even when turning it at a slow speed that the gap opens and closes between the hub and the spring. Last night both rear hubs received new races bearings and seals. No change.

This morning I pulled a hub and removed the axle from a 2003 F250 super crew 7.3 that has no vibrations when on the road. First I installed the hub cranked it up to 55 mph same issue. Visibly inspected it with the truck running spinning hubs at at idle No change in oscillation. Removed axle spun it by hand no change. Swapped out axles with the used hub still installed engine on no change.

The last thing I can think to do is to run mic around the spindle. I have a video of it but wont show in drop down when trying to attach.
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