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2000 f250 4x4 transmission (what swaps with it)

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My transmission is on it's last leg and I need to find a cheaper alternative than a rebuild to get me another year at least. So I'm looking on Craigslist and other used places for one. I have a 7.3 4x4 automatic. I'm assuming it is the 4r100, but there is a listing for one on craigslist where a guy is selling a 4r100 that came out of a van but doesn't fit his 7.3 f250. So that leads me to believe that there are different versions.

Do I need a 4x4 transmission off of a 7.3 diesel? Would a 2wd auto off a diesel fit? What else would fit that would widen my search? Looking at the transmission and 4x4 transaxle, it looks like maybe the 2wd would be the same as the 4x4. But I don't have any experience.

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If you're looking for good hard parts to swap in your case (shouldn't be too expensive) I'm selling a 4R100 with a cracked case. Not sure you're location, but if you're driving distance from me, or meeting distance, I will let it go cheap.

4R100 Hard Parts
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