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I have read many posts here about this situation but, they all seem to be right off of the start. My truck has 325,000 miles on it and has recently had the following work done on it.

Replaced all of the injectors
Replaced all of the valve covers harnesses
Replaced all glow plugs
Replaced ICP
Replace IPR
Replaced all turbo tubing between heads and turbo to include gaskets
Replaced fuel regulator at fuel bowl
Compression check of all cylinders avg 340psi across cylinders
New trans at 265K
New water pump at 270K with new radiator

I have spent a small fortune and my time working on this to fix this issue. I have used all Ford factory parts. My work has gotten to where I do not have the time to do it all myself and resorted to the local Ford dealership. Now the shop wants to look at replacing the HPOP. I am a little worn out with all of the hunting and pecking about on this issue. The truck runs rock solid at startup and running down the road and I trust it more than my 6.7. It is just when it has warmed up (about 15-20 mins) it starts to idle down then back up about 100 rpm. doesn't matter if it is in gear, AC on, or otherwise.

Any tips are welcome before I throw more money and parts at this. By the way no matter what ICP I use within the first few minutes of running I will have oil at the plug. Don't know what that may be or if it may be a contributing issue.

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I don't think oil-in-the-plug would have anything to do with it (not sure why it's there, but Oil presents No Problems for the electrical connection). Of the two, I'd be more likely to suspect the IPR. Can you monitor those sensors yourself? Compare their readings and what the changes are when this starts happening?

Engine Oil, what are you using and are there any, Snake Oil, additives being used? The wrong oil would, absolutely, be doing this (because the Injectors are driven by that oil, oil foaming, would effect by temp)

Was it you that replaced those sensors? Are you aware of how large the percentage of, Counterfeit, "Genuine Ford" parts are out there? (mostly from the internet, like eBay & Amazon, but they get into the inventory of local parts suppliers too)
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