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2000 7.3 hard start, no power, no smoke

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2000 Excursion with 130,000 miles. Began to start hard a week ago. Would crank fine after wts light. Would only start with the pedal down. Then it would run fine. Until hauling down the interstate a couple days ago,,, all of a sudden, lost power. It would only drive about 50 downhill and 10-20 uphill.

so, I changed these things in this order... CPS, ICP, IPR,,,, all while checking the wiring harness, fuel filter has 10,000 miles on it, oil has 3,000 miles and is at the top on the dipstick, air filter is recent. The fuel pump fills the bowl and spits out the water drain with plenty of fuel. I took the fuel line loose at the pump and blew back into the tank to check for blockage. It blew through fine, then fuel flowed back through the line to the pump just fine (the tank had some pressure from blowing in it).

It still drives funny, not responsive. The engine will run a little rough, then smooth out, then rough again. If it is dead cold, it drives pretty good for about 10 minutes, then goes to crap.... No check engine light.

Help! Don't want to spend thousands of dollars... Hoping to get a hot tip!

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Just off the top of my head... :wink[3]:

I'd throw another fuel filter in it, you may have gotten a "dirty load".

When you can, you need to get on a good scanner and monitor the sensors, for the money you've already spent, you could have bought an AE and seen they were performing as they should. "Throwing Parts" and guessing is never the best method in the end... :(
yeah, I know,,,, I thought I would change the "go to" items. Not familiar with AE,,,??? I'd be happy to buy the right scanner. I thought you had to use a big expensive scanner to do the job...??

I'll put a new fuel filter in tonight... Thanks for the reply

AE = AutoEnginuity Scan tool. It's @$350 and you need to load it into a laptop (can be an old "crummy" one... :) )

Google it for more info!
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