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To make a long story short I got a 99 7.3 off my dad. It hasn't been running in three or four years. The truck was parked because it needed a new hydroboost. I got it running today and it had a hard miss may have been multiple missfires, but I had to have it plugged in and the outside temp is in the 50s here today. I'm trying to get it going and I think I need injectors. I bought the auto enginuity proline vci to pull codes. It only starts with it plugged in so Im gonna check/ replace glow plugs while I'm in there, but I got these codes while running a cylinder contribution test p0266, p0272, and p0284. And I got code p1294 while running an injector buzz test. Am I going in the right direction with thinking it's injectors, or am I looking something over? Any input is appreciated, kinda new to diesel trucks I've ran plenty of them on the farm but never really worked on them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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