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1999 F250 7.3, 140k miles.

My fiance was driving with an oil pan gasket leak when the truck lost 95% power and would not accelerate. She restarted motor, power came back and drove around block back home.

Truck had very little power and would only move in 4x4 low range. Ford diagnosed IDM failure. After idling at ford for an hour the power came back to about 60% (Maybe HPOP purged itself?). I replaced IDM myself with two remanufactured units with no performance changes. Currently running original IDM.

Repaired Oil pan gasket and went for short test drive. Noticed noise from torque converter replaced it with upgraded forged triple clutch. Went for short test drive again and heavy ticking/tapping sound began in heads. Pulled valve covers and ticking is coming from rocker arms on both banks. Noted some play in rockers on both banks.

I'm stuck here.. Have new set of rockers and IPR valve (injector press. regulator) in hand. Thinking about putting in IPR in sometime this week.

Driving symptoms: Torque seems decent up to 2000 rpms, doesn't have that kick it used to in the high rpm's. Ticking sound is slight when cold and gets louder as engine warms. Slight hesitation at startup. Just remembered.. another shop ran injector test. When injectors were tested independently were fine, but two failed when all 8 were tested together.

Many thanks for any advice, Oliver.
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