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Here's a nice power train build we did fairly recently for a customer. '97 F350 RCLB 2wd.

Full Force 205/30 injectors
Hydra chip w/ Jelibuilt Tuning
Insight CTS3 w/ EAS Competition kit
Ford OEM 6.0L trans cooler
Sam Wyse Stage 2 trans
CNC Fab OBS 4 line feed fuel kit
AirDog II 4G regulated fuel pump
G&R sump kit
33 gallon Bronco fuel tank
CNC Fab OBS up pipes
KC 63/73 turbo
CNC Fab intake plenum inserts

It will be getting a Bank's intercooler soon enough.

This thing doesn't weigh much and so it rips the tires loose so easily.

It went pretty decent considering it was my first time doing the bronco tank install.

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