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1997 F250 7.3 XLT
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Hey fellas, new member.

I am hoping to confirm I’m on the right track with my issueS 🤦🏻

I swear this 7.3 is going to turn me into a certified mechanic lol

Quick back story

97 F250 4x4, transmission issue started with a hard shift into second. About 3-4 weeks ago i had a cooler line come loose where it attaches to the radiator, i replaced and was ok for a day or so until I started noticing drips from the same area after I parked. Last night i was driving home from work and little as soon as i got to the red light coming off the interstate, light turns green and nothing, engine just revved up, finally dropped into 1st and 2nd manually and made it to a gas station to see what was going on. Discovered the same hose was loose except this time it was loose where it slides over the rigid line coming from the trans. Reconnected, check fluid and it read good. Fire her up and it wouldn’t shift in “drive” 3rd at all. I could feel it trying to shift but wouldn’t go anywhere. I could manually shift from 1st to 2nd, Reverse and Park with no issues. After that i decided to drive it home at 20 mph or so. Yesterday morning I dropped the pan and its clean will no shavings or anything similar. Filter was still in its proper location.

I start going down the list of my limited knowledge and going over the ATSG E4OD manual checking possibilities off the list.

I’m obviously replacing the trans filter and upgrading the pan with one that has a plug.

I’m upgrading some valves and cleaning up the valve and accumulator body’s ,I got a shift kit and accumulator body kit coming in the morning.

I replaced the VSS, old one looks totally different where in goes into the differential. Old one is round and the new one has grooves. Not sure if that’s an issue or not.

Planning on checking the mlps, tps, solenoid sensor and solenoid pack tomorrow.

Right as i was wrapping up for the day i decided to check the EBP sensor and tube, I was under the truck looking around and noticed the exhaust pipe had come apart and 1 bolt is missing. Not sure if that’s related to my loss of third gear or not but I literally just laid there and laughed because the **** is literally comical at this point.

This is my first Powerstroke, I’ve had it for about a year now and I feel like I touched, replaced and upgraded 75% ++++ of everything under the hood and other mechanical parts.

Again I’m just hoping I’m on the right track and this will take care of the issue and there’s no further issues that will require me to drop the transmission.

Thanks in advance 3FC94CEE-F295-40C6-9FE0-4D318866658B.jpeg CDC00C02-BC3A-4B02-BB33-A3E5FFF2B461.jpeg 5055FD1D-B001-4976-9ADF-60D13E3A6FC0.jpeg 411EE34C-FD76-473F-B1B3-021378995710.jpeg B8F8159F-FFB7-4533-AFA5-AEBF02173755.jpeg 2015AD64-81DF-46D5-9B98-D4A0FBD6E10D.jpeg
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