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Selling the motor and trans out of my 1997 F250 HD.

The 351 i was told from the privies owner is a Ford Remanufactured motor with 30k miles, Its also the very desirable F4TE roller block. It DOES NOT LEAK OR BURN OIL. The alternator is a 200 AMP unit with about 500 miles on it. Also in the last 1k miles it had a tune up with Taylor ThunderVolt 8.2 Spark Plug Wires, NGK plugs, cap & rotor. I put headers on but used the gaskets in the kit and they leak a little. It has a new idler pulley and Goodyear Gaterback belt. When i bought the truck it did have cork valve cover gaskets that leaked all over the motor, they have been replaced with the best molded gaskets i could find. The oil and dirt you see on the motor are from when the valve covers leaked. This motor is very clean on the inside and always ran great. Motor comes complete with wiring harness and all. I also have a lightning computer that was never installed this computer can be tuned to change shift patterns, fuel, ignition, anything. I will be selling the lightning computer also but if you need the stock computer its free.

The E4OD trans is one of the best years to use, It has all of the latest updates to make the trans last a long time and take abuse. Since this is a 4wd unit it is even stronger then the 2wd units. The trans has 60k miles and is not a reman but a new ford unit. When i bought the truck i added a Transgo HD2 TRANSMISSION REPROGRAMMING KIT to quicken shifts and also add strength to the trans. The trans now shift quick and runs much cooler. The shift are never violent but it will chirp the tires going into second if you are at WOT. This truck has always had a huge secondary cooler installed and the fluid has never been burnt. I have drained it several times and it is always very clean and bright red. Truck has never been used for plowing. I have all the parts needed to convert this trans to 2wd, something can be worked out.

I did have plans to maybe install a 408 stroker since we just bought a 5th wheel camper but i got a deal on a Powerstroke so im going diesel. Like i said the motor and trans are in excellent shape i take care of my stuff and this truck is very well maintained. For the price of new trucks i cant afford not to take care of mine. The only problems that i am aware of are the bad header gaskets and the A/C compressor seized up this summer.

What you get- Motor, motor wiring harness injectors all sensors, Intake system with hoses and filter box, All coolant hoses and radiator, stock ECU, all accessories. E4OD trans with deep sump 4/4 pan with drain.

Im asking $1950.00 located near Allentown PA pick up is preferred but im willing to work with you.
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