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Well it's finally about time to start dumping money into my 1996 ECSB 2WD powerstroke.
I'm probably gunna have about 3-5 grand to spend..
This is my first diesel truck and I just wanted some ideas and opinions on how I should build her up...
Truck is all stock at the moment.
Trans has no been touched I believe but is still strong.

This is what I was thinking of doing...
AFE Intake.
Stage 1 or 2 injectors (need help here)
66m turbo(also need some ideas/help here)
4in straight pipe exhaust or stack.
TS chip with custom tunes.

Also need info if I should build the trans or not..

The truck is a daily driver, and I never tow anything..

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Look into a vb and tc for the trans, beans d66 turbo, stage 2's and a bigger hpop, as well as e fuel
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