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1996 help with loss of power

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Well boy's im in need of some help again.My truck has been (running off) kinda stumbling when i am driving. Got a buzz test done and good news is all past the test. Did the cylinder contribution test and not good news. Cyliners 3,4,and 7 are not helping the motor run (failed the test). The truck has 360,ooo mi on her but does not burn oil and does not smoke out tail pipe. Any help? I hope it is not rings,could the injectors be bad but pass the buzz test?

Thank you
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Heck ya, that makes it super easy hehe
Thank you once again bigfuel. And hello again 85 305 thanks for your help
No problem
I'm having the same problem as you. Just bought another powerstroke last week. It's a 96. Was driving it on the highway yesterday and went to put the hammer down and didn't get anything. It almost feels like I'm not getting any power from the turbo. Mechanic told me to check the warm up valve incase it's stuck close but it seems to be working fine. Was thing It might not be getting enough fuel. Or was thinking the injectors are ****ed. But it still seems to be running okay. Thought it would run pretty rough if it was Injectors.

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gauges gauges gauges. So much easier to address these questions with gauges.
^^not likely the warm up valve. Normally if it was you would be having problems right from a stand still. Feels like your towing a anchor because its acting like an exhaust brake. Could be a clogging FPR screen easy to check and make sure to add it to your bi-yearly truck inspection. Could also be map sensor, boost leak, weak HPOP and/or IPR valve, weak/clogging injector/s, and slight chance CPS.
Well I just cleaned my fpr and it was pretty gunky. It wasn't horrible, but it was certainly clogged with thick stuff. Thank for the advice!

Oh, and throttle response is DEFINITELY improved; especially at higher rpms. It's super responsive now.
Almost scary that a little screen that you'd find in your sink faucet is responsible for so much in the performance of the truck.
Oh ya. I haven't driven it yet, so cant comment how it drives. I can just tell revving in neutral.
Bringing this from the dead...
having same stumbling prob, all new filters, oil and CPS, uvch checked good. Cleaning your screen fixed your prob?
yes!!!! Sorry I should have updated this thread. Cleaning the fpr screen made NOTICEABLE difference in the starting, idling, reving, and driving characteristics of the truck. I think mileage went up a bit also.
Sweet, thanks! Will hop on that, good thing to do anyhow. Seeming my throttle might be the key issue on mine though.
Def worth a try. It takes all of 5mins, and the benefits of cleaning it are tremendous.
bump? big fuel i know you got me you are one of the best on here......imop
I know this was old news and brought back but thought I would comment since I noticed it on the recent list.

If you check this thread out that I started, I put in there some info from Ford (An old TSB) about injector O-rings. If you go about 1/3 of the way down, you will notice a post on this page from me with some vids in the post but at the bottom of the post you will notice the TSB bulletins I am referring to.

Although this may not fix your issue, it could be a possibility. The O-rings were notorious for having issues back in the day when I was a Ford tech.

Link here:
thanks for your help, will look into it
Thank you, but I am one of many on here that do their best to lend idea's and information to those that ask. Sometimes I'm on the ball other times I'm not so great. I'm happy that you are happy with your truck.
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