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1996 help with loss of power

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Well boy's im in need of some help again.My truck has been (running off) kinda stumbling when i am driving. Got a buzz test done and good news is all past the test. Did the cylinder contribution test and not good news. Cyliners 3,4,and 7 are not helping the motor run (failed the test). The truck has 360,ooo mi on her but does not burn oil and does not smoke out tail pipe. Any help? I hope it is not rings,could the injectors be bad but pass the buzz test?

Thank you
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There is also a code p0113 =air intake temp sensor and PO 3444= CPS the cps in the truck now is the gray one is the grey one a bad one for my year? i have herd all kind of stuff about CPS's dont know what to do blue, black, or grey.
Thank u. Big fuel ......"oil cap test "is to test blow by correct. If so all good on that half with cap off there is some blow by but cap upside down over hole it does not blow cap off.
i just did fuel filter change about 1,000 mi agao the old one looked good. i change fuel filter every oil change about every 4,000mi. i also run PS (power service?) fuel stabilizer with every fill up
YOu migh be on to something tho i have never used the rear tank (has hole in it). But the other week i did by accident flip to the rear tank for a very quick sec. when trying to turn off the headlights and i hit the switch. I bet i put all kind of trash in to the fuel system.
I get the fuel filters free from work so I say why not you know. I got this truck in Nov. but I do think they are very old maybe even stock! I have no idea. Do they just go bad over time?........o sorry yes I did the screen clean two months agao and it was plugged solid. I should prolly do it again huh. If it might be the injectors is there any way to test fuel flow with out sending them in? If they are bad do you know where to get a good price on some?
Thank you once again bigfuel. And hello again 85 305 thanks for your help
bump? big fuel i know you got me you are one of the best on here......imop
thanks for your help, will look into it
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