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Here’s the story, always wanted a OBS 7.3 truck but I have a 1996 crew cab 7.5 4x4, in great condition. Well I picked up a wrecked 1996 7.3 dump truck and swapped all the harnesses, and components into my truck. I cleaned up the motor, put new exhaust manifolds, up pipes, and rebuilt the turbo, new filters, (just the maintenance items). Didn't touch anything that would create possible issues in-case i had trouble with start-up. The motor ran when I pulled it but the truck could not be driven.
Engine had some minor hesitation issues before swapped.

After swap was complete motor was hard to start until all fluids pumped up. Once started I considered it to be running pretty good although I noticed the engine light came right on and the od light began to blink. (E40D trans). I borrowed my uncles otx scanner and pulled codes,

P0198 EOT sensor, replaced the sensor,
P0344 Cam position sensor, replaced the sensor,
P0713 FTF sensor, sensor checked out ok, but swapped solenoid pack with a known good one that I had laying around.
P1748 Electronic pressure control malfunction.

Next day I did an injector buzz test, found cyl 8 had a short to ground, wiggled some wires and re tested, still there. Did a cylinder balance test P0266 cyl 2 contribution or Bal malfunction.
Put some sea foam in fuel bowl, started truck today and it ran amazing, ran it for a while, then shut down, re started it, ran great, ran for a while, then I shut it down. 2 hours later I took it for a ride and it ran like C*[email protected] Tranny barely shifted and it seemed like I lost more cylinders.
Came home, performed another buzz test, all injectors passed. Couldn’t believe it, did it 3 times to confirm. All buzzes, sounded in sync. Did a balance test…. Well P0263 cyl1, P0266 cyl 2, P0272 cyl 4 balance or contribution malfunction. During the test, when the scanner cylcled over those injectors it just sounded like a tick tick tick tick, compared to the other cylinders that sounded like duh duh duh duh(coming from tailpipe because cyl was cut off) . Also code P0713 transmission fluid temp sensor circuit high input.
Now I diagnosed transmission harness, temp sensor had continuity between pcm, and transmission solenoid pack, on both the feed and return. Also had about 4.5 volts. .5ohm resistance. Temp sensor also was over the 30k limit so it was functional, and not -40deg.

I’m more concerned with the transmission at this point because I don’t recall the light flashing when I originally got the donor truck started. Im wondering if I have some sort of PCM issue.

As far as the rough idle and rev up hesitation which is also transformed into acceleration from a stop, there is definitely a fuel issue going on in that motor. I don’t get any color smoke from the pipe that would alert me of a issue, and the injectors passed the buzz test. I also checked resistance across injectors from the valve cover gaskets and all seemed well. Haven’t taken valve covers off yet.
Im thinking still some sort of mechanical injector issue. Any chance the idm could be the problem? Or no chance since the truck passed the buzz test? I don’t know the bond between the scanner, the IDM and the injectors.
If anyone has any ideas in what direction they can point me in, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time out to read my diesel issues.
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