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1996 F250 7.3 Transmission cooler

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Hi everyone,

I am planning on upgrading my stock transmission cooler and took a look at my current setup.

Is the OBS 7.3 transmission cooler the rectangular finned cooler located behind the front bumper on the front passenger side? I have seen the Super Duty stock transmission coolers and they are flat, smaller versions of the 26-31 row coolers. I am hoping the rectangular finned cooler is the stock trans cooler, as it is easy to access and swap out.

I was looking into the Tru-cool 4739-1 cooler.
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The tru cool is a great unit. Look at the transmission and follow the lines to make sure you remove the correct cooler. The very small like 6in by 6 in is the powersteering fluid cooler but again. Follow the trans fluid lines to make 150%.

the link above has good pictures of the install kit and even a kit for your truck with the cooler etc.
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The Tru-cool is a decent cooler. Another very good option is the Ford OEM 6.0L trans cooler. It is nearly a direct fit on the 94.5-97 trucks like it is on the 99-03's. I've installed a few on the older trucks and I have custom made adapters/kit to go from the stock 5/16 lines to the 1/2" ports on the 6.0 cooler

Should I be prepared for some trans fluid to drain out when disconnecting the stock cooler? I haven't found any decent write ups or videos of the OBS stock trans location / removal etc..

I don't want a mess on my driveway or get my wife upset!!
Yes, some will drain out, but not a whole lot.

As for a write-up, it depends on which cooler you are installing.
Hi everyone,

I finally was able to tackle this job this weekend. I just wanted to post my approach to the transcooler upgrade that I mounted behind the front bumper, behind the front license plate area.

The last photo is the stock transmission cooler on my OBS F250 that I had a difficult time locating.

Thank you for all the help and advice.


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Just an update.

I have been driving my F250 for the last 2 days with the trans temp staying within the 140-160 range. This is a big improvement compared to the stock transmission cooler temps pushing 200+ while daily driving.

I appreciate all the help and advice.
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