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Hey there :icon_ford: owners. I have a friend ( actually, my new boss) who is looking into getting better gas mileage and a little more power out of his 7.3

I know the basics, turbo's, injectors, intake, porting, valves, cam, crank, pistons. coming from other engine building applications.

But I don't know squat about who has the parts that provide the best bang for your buck, or what combo will achieve best gas mileage (main priority) and better power (almost equal priority).

The truck is a 1990 f350 with a 7.3 motor in it and an auto trans. The motor was rebuilt earlier before my boss owned it. it's still a box truck, DRW and it's getting about 8 MPG. which is rediculous for a 7.3 diesel. That much I know. :nod:

Any suggestions? Besides removing the box (not an option right now).
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