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Alright......Just in time to really make that ford classic or muscle car guys christmas; I am having to sell my baby.

Its a 1972 Ford Gran Torino 2 door "formal roof". They made some that year with a more slanted sport roof, this is not that. Its a formal roof.
VERY similar in looks and color to the one in Clint Eastwood's recent movie!!

Ok, for the details: I have owned this car for right at a year, had wanted one all my life but work has slowed and Im forced to sell and pay some bills off. I can go NOWHERE without someone coming up and talking to me about this car. It is a real beauty. Like any car its age, it could use a few things. Some items I have bought and will come with the car others you will need to find. Easiest way I guess is to list them out.

HAS: 351 Cleveland 2V engine that had a minor overhaul 5K miles ago with new Crane cam, oil pump, Edelbrock 4 barrell intake, Custom BIGGS PERFORMANCE 4 barrell 850cfm carb, long tube headers, distributor, wires and battery. The engine runs great, does not burn oil, smoke or leak.
(Dont let the fact that this car has 2V heads discourage you. With this set up along with the 4 barrell intake and carb, the low end torque is AWESOME and can beat about anything off the line. The 4V heads will produce more top end but you loose the hole shot.) Car will drive anywhere anytime runs great. Has hi-rise K&N air filter set up in front of the ram air hood scoop.
Brake system was re-built at the same time as motor. Inside the headliner is all there but stitching had deteriorated in places (same witht he green carpet) ALL SEATS PERFECT with no rips, trars, fading or stains, same with door panel covering. 1 crack in center of dash. Has a cool GT steering wheel and the original radio works great. Mounted on the face of the dash is a new 3" lighted tach with shift light. In the dash is 1.5" water temp, oil pressure, and volt gauges.
Car has 4 aluminum Cragar mag wheels with excellent BFG tires.

I have purchased and will transfer over with the car NEW pre-molded black interior carpet, black dash mat, black trunk liner, black headliner, 2- new black sun-visors complete with stainless hardware and a complete window and door felt weatherstripping kit.

Auto transmission is a C4 3 speed that was gone thru at the same time the engine was opened up. It had a 2800 rpm stall converter installed at that time and snappy shift kit. It does not leak either.
The driveshaft has new u-joints and was balanced at Driveshafts Unlimited in SA, and has a re-built third member set up with 3.89 gears.
I installed 2 new Flowmaster 40 series mufflers (2.5" single in, single out) 6 months ago and they exit just out from under the body in front of the rear tires. With these and the long tube headers it really rumbles!!

The previous owner put on a DIY paint job. It is a dark green with a metal flake and looks awesome from 20' away. Up close it had a few runs, air bubbles and some trash under it in places. Overall a good paint job, very shiny and attractive. All original chrome exterior side trim is on the car along with FLAWLESS chrome front bumper, headlight trim, grille and rear bumper. The rear window chrome trim is not installed but is in the garage. (Also have the original steering wheel.) There are a few places on the body with rust issues. Most noticable are on the bottom rear corners of the doors and a couple spots in the trunk. All floor pans and roof are good. Very little rust on frame or suspension. All glass is original and is both chip and crack free.
Vinyl on roof was removed while painting and replaced with a spray on bedliner. Does not look so bad but would look better with a black vinyl top back on it as that was what I had planned. Also needs the passangers side front amber colored side marker lens. I broke it while washing it one day and removed it completely. I have the old one for part number reference.

Along with the car im including the project parts I have for it. This consists of another 1972 351 Cleveland engine with the much sought after 4V Cobra Jet heads complete with original motorcraft 4 barrel intake, carb, oil pan, valve covers ect. (currently on my engine stand in the garage) Also included is a 1972 C6 auto transmission with torque converter and dipstick. I wanted to build these for 1/4 mile runs and leave the others on the stand as they are matching numbers.

Thats about it. Below are a few pics and I have more of the interior, engine ect. so feel free to ask.
Serious inquiries only to come look and or drive. Price is a little neg. Asking $12,500.00
Lets talk!

Gordon 830-822-1733
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