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Here is my write up for installing a 17* HPOP in an OBS truck

Just getting started

Next up I removed the fuel filter and drained the housing using the yellow lever you can see

next up I pulled the intercooler pipes of an all the boots, if you dont have an intercooler just pull off teh y pipe

When I pulled the pipe off the turbo I noticed that the o-ring was broken so Ill be getting a new one now

Next using a 5/16" ratchet I undid the two bolts mounting the glow plug relay and pushed the relay off to the side

After that I unplugged the sensor on the passenger side of the fuel bowl as seen here

Then it was time to loosen the clamp holding the fuel bowl drain hose to the fuel bowl using a 1/4" ratchet. Then you can leave it on the bowl and it will wriggle off when you pull the fuel bowl out

Next their is a heat shield covering the fuel lines, just pull that off

This will expose the three fuel lines

Using a 1/4" socket loosen the clamps holding the fuel line on, only do this on the passenger side top line and the line down below the other two

Their are two fuel lines on teh front of the FPR

Use a 9/16" wrench and remove both of them

There are two 13mm on each side of the rear of the fuel bowl, remove both of those and the fuel bowl will be loose, there is also another fuel line on the driver side of the bowl, loosen the clamps on that as well.

Once you undo the bolts start to wriggle the bowl off and the fuel lines will slide off, do not pull it out all the way though as there is still a sensor connected, once you work it out a little you will be able to see the sensor and then you can pull it off as seen in the center of this picture

Then go ahead and pull the fuel bowl out

Here it is with the fuel bowl removed

At this point it would be a good idea to replace all the fuel lines that you loosened up becuase the old ones may be brittle, I know mine were. the two lines on the back of the bowl are 5/16" and the one on the drivers side is 3/8"

and some nice new fuel line installed

and the old brittle fuel line

I had cut some of the old line to make it easier to pull the bowl off so here it is with all the old line off

Next up I chose to pull the HPOP reservoir off so it would be easier to get to the HPOP gear, first off pull the cap off the reservoir and drain teh oil out, I used my own homeade pump

Then undo teh two 13mm nuts holding on the bracket on top of the reservoir

Next pull the plug off the sensor on top of the reservoir

You will also need to pull these two plugs off the AC compressor

Before pulling off the bracket there is still a sensor connected to a line, use a 5/8" wrench to undo that and then pull off the bracket

Also undo this sensor on the back of the reservoir

Then there are 5 bolts holding on the reservoir two are 13mm and three are 10mm, undo these evenly so you dont stress a bolt and then pull them out, then pull up on the resevoir and it will come out

And the reservoir removed revealing the HPOP gear

Next undo these two oil lines to the HPOP using a 11/16" wrench

There is a plate that is RTV'd on directly in front of the bolt holding the HPOP gear in, undo that plate held in by two 8mm bolts

I started by taking off the serpentine belt so it would be easer to get to the bolt and I was gonna replace it anyways cuase its a little worn

Then I used a breaker bar and got the bolt to move but it was moving the bolt with it so with one person up top with the 18mm socket attached to the breaker bar and ready to loosen it, I got under the truck and used a 15/16" socket and held the nut on the crank pulley still while the other guy loosened the bolt holding the HPOP gear on. Then I took the bolt and spacer out, be sure not to drop the spacer

Here it is with the bolt removed

Then there are two 10mm bolts holding the HPOP on, undo those and then just wriggle the HPOP out and it will pop right out of the spot

Here it is removed and dont forget to pull off the old HPOP gasket and be sure to purchase a new one

Here is the engine valley with everything out, youll notice that there is about an inch of crap sitting in it, now would be a good time to clean all that out

And here it is cleaned up as best I could

Now for the install its basically time to go in reverse. I picked up a new HPOP gasket and reservoir gasket which is a necessity. Also if you need to transfer the HPOP line fittings be sure to get new HPOP o-rings.

Go ahead and fit the 17* HPOP in place and reinstall the two 13mm bolts that hold it in with the gasket in front of the pump with a frest coat of oil on the gasket as well and tighten the bolts down.

Then go ahead and get the HPOP gear back in place and reinstall the 18mm bolt and tighten it down until it starts spinning the gear and thats tight enough.

Then apply some new RTV to the cover for the HPOP bolt and reinstall it and tighten the two 8mm bolts that hold it on.

Then using the 11/16" wrench put the HPOP lines back on the HPOP and tighten them up

Then if you removed the reservoir go ahead and put in the new gasket and place the reservoir back on and tighten up the five bolts that held it on, two were 13mm and 3 were 10mm and tighten those down tight.

Then go ahead and place the bracket back on top of the HPOP reservoir and before tightening it back on go ahead and tighten the sensor line back up to the bracket on the passenger side of the resevoir then reinstall the two nuts on top that hold the bracket on the reservoir.

Then reinstall the sensors on the reservoir and the two on the alternator.

Now its time to reinstall the fuel bowl

What I found to be the easiest was to slide the drain hose back on and reattach the IPR plug on the IPR then get the hose that goes to the top of the fuel pump on somewhat and then work the bottom hose on to the bottom connection on the pump. Then go ahead and get the hose on the regulator line on the drivers side and tighten up the clamps on all the hoses.

Then reinstall the two 13mm bolts holding the fuel bowl on and hook up the connector on the passenger side of the fuel bowl.

Then hook up the two fuel lines on the regulator with the 9/16" wrench and reinstall the heat shield on the top fuel lines going from the bowl to the pump.

Be sure all you connections and sensors are hooked back up everywhere.

Then go ahead and reinstall your y-pipe going to the manifolds or intercooler pipes if you have one.

Then go ahead and put the fuel filter back in and fill the HPOP reservoir back up with new oil if you removed it.

Go ahead and reinstall the serpentine belt if you removed it and hook your batteries back up and go ahead and crank it over, it may take a couple minutes to start if there is air in the lines but it should eventually fire up. Check to be sure you have no check engine lights or leaks in any of the lines and if this is the case and it fires up then job well done!
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