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#1 red

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Have a customer who had temporary generators at facility ,done with them now and they have 300 gallons of #1 in a portable tank they have offered to give me free just have to haul it 60 miles home. Its about 4 months old, south Florida fuel. Any problems burning it in my stock 2014? Will the higher sulfur cause any issues? Should I blend it with #2 ?
I been adding 4 ounces of opti summer at each filling, my tank holds 65 gallon. Should I keep using it if I run the #1?
Or should I just pass and not risk it?
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#1 is the same fuel just with red dye.
Send me the address. :ROFLMAO:
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Solid deal, the only thing is to check it for algae and just treat it in the bulk tank.
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Good call Hydro
As someone who as a kid used top off his truck at the farm bulk tanks, I too have learned the hard way.
We kinda went off path there, if they are calling it #1 and bought it as such you should be good.
You could always just treat it, that wont hurt anything.

How are you going to pump it out? Does the pump have any screens or filters?
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