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I see that f150 has 08+ tail lights too.

if you ever look, the body line matches(mainly the bottom one) on the f150 better on the 99-07 tailgate vs the super duty since it was originally made for the 97 f150.... but they use the same taillights, bumper, gate, and inner bed shell.

it was to save money i believe, it why the bed on a super-duty is tapered down in the back....

kinda why i like the 08+ tailgate, it finally matches the body lines on the super duty bed....

its also why you can insall a 15 nose on a 99-03 f150 from a expedition,

it because ford never changed the inner structure on the expedition since 97 minus the rear floor pan for ifs...

the ranger was another one, the 84 inner structure was the same until it was discontinued.

make me wonder if the new super-duty uses the same inner structure design as the old with new sheet metal.... wouldn't mind that new boxed frame:woot:
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