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08 f350 tail lights on an 06 f350 truck?

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A buddy of mine bought new tail-lights for his 08 f350 dually, then discovered his wife bought them for him too for a birthday gift. Needless to say, i just inherited a pair of taillights for an 08. Problem is, I own 03-07 models and the truck i want to put them on is an '06 dually. I have heard that they fit perfectly housing wise but there is something to do with the reverse light that is an issue.

Anybody have experience with using 08 tail lights on the 03-07 trucks? Is there an easy harness I can buy to convert the reverse lights to the right style to make this work? They are super nice LED lights and I would love to see them on my '06.

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I did this some time ago as well. The taillights fit perfect, direct swap. Your brake light will fit right into place, but you will need to cut the old reverse taillight harness off, and splice in this guy: Dorman HELP! 85814 License Sidemarkr Gm/Ford : Automotive

I used this guide, but its really straight forward: Adding 2008+ Tail Lights; making the conversion EASILY reversible with an adapter! | Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum
That seems to be a small socket for a small bulb, wont that make the reverse lights dim and ineffective or is there some kind of super bright bulb for that small socket?
Is there any reason to not just cut the original tail light plug off and wire the pigtail directly to the factory wires? Im never selling the truck and so long as just cutting the old plug off the harness and wiring in and shrink tubing the new pigtails wont harm the truck, i would feel safer than have an unprotected socket in the rear.
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